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Hongqi H9 car 2024 2.0T Qichang  Deluxe Edition

Hong qi car

Hongqi H9 car 2024 2.0T Qichang Deluxe Edition

Hongqi H9 2024 2.0T Qichang luxury business version car is the flagship luxury car of the Hongqi brand. It is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, providing strong power output and a smooth driving experience. The vehicle interior uses high-quality materials and is equipped with a wealth of technological configurations, including intelligent driving assistance systems, a large central control screen and a high-end audio system, to provide passengers with a convenient driving experience. The exterior design is stylish and dynamic, and the interior is luxurious and comfortable. It is an ideal choice for showing individual taste and pursuing a comfortable driving experience.

  • Product Name Hongqi H9 2024 2.0T Qichang Deluxe Edition
  • Manufacturer Hongqi
  • Level Medium and large cars
  • Energy Type Gasoline + 48V mild hybrid
  • Time To Market 2024.04
  • Maximum power(KW) 185
  • Maximum Torque(N.M) 380
  • Gearbox 7-speed wet dual clutch
  • Body structure 4-door 5-seater sedan
  • Engine 2.0T 252HP L4
  • Length*Width*Height(mm) 5137*1904*1498
  • Official 0-100KM/h acceleration (s) 7.3
  • Maximum speed(km/h) 230
  • WLTC Comprehensive fuel consumption(L/100KM) 7.12
  • Vehicle warranty 100,000 km
  • Maximum full load mass (kg) 2345

The interior design of Hongqi H9 also adopts a new design style, and the entire interior is full of technology and luxury. The center console uses a large-size LCD screen, with a full LCD instrument panel and HUD head-up display system, making the entire interior full of technology. The seats are ergonomically designed and made of high-grade leather, which is extremely comfortable to ride. The interior details are handled very well, making the entire interior look very refined.

Inheriting the design language of "Shang·Zhi·Yi", the high mountain waterfall grille, the upright waist and the heavy tail highlight the oriental beauty. Luxurious business, private style, both dynamic and static, all are the ultimate selection。