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Hongqi H9 Car 2024 3.0T Qiling Four-wheel drive luxury business version

Hong qi car

Hongqi H9 Car 2024 3.0T Qiling Four-wheel drive luxury business version

The 2024 Hongqi H9, as a mid-to-large sedan of the Hongqi brand, has won wide attention in the market with its majestic body size and luxurious interior configuration. Specifically, the Hongqi H9 has a body length of 5137mm, a width of 1904mm, a height of 1493mm, and a wheelbase of 3060mm. Such a body size not only makes the Hongqi H9 look majestic in appearance, but also provides spacious riding space for passengers in the car.

  • Product Name Hongqi H9 2024 3.0T Qiling Four-wheel drive luxury business version
  • Manufacturer Hongqi
  • Level Medium and large cars
  • Energy Type gasoline
  • Time To Market 2024.04
  • Maximum power(KW) 248
  • Maximum Torque(N.M) 445
  • Gearbox Eight-speed manual transmission
  • Body structure 4-door 5-seater sedan
  • Engine 3.0T 337HP V6
  • Length*Width*Height(mm) 5137*1904*1498
  • Official 0-100KM/h acceleration (s) 6.5
  • Maximum speed(km/h) 245
  • WLTC Comprehensive fuel consumption(L/100KM) 9.32
  • Vehicle warranty 100,000 km
  • Maximum full load mass (kg) 2550

In terms of appearance, the 2024 Hongqi H9 Bao still uses low-key aesthetics to create an imposing and sharp appearance. The straight waterfall-style air intake grille composed of ten vertical chrome trims and the front flag logo in the middle extend to the front of the hood. While presenting a three-dimensional beauty of cross intersection, it also demonstrates a calm and unhurried aura of "ten sure wins and ten sure wins". The sharp daytime running lights on both sides bring a deep and gaze-like appreciation through the change of the light-emitting structure. The split headlights on both sides of the fog lamp area not only reflect the trend of the fashion, but also illuminate the road ahead with the eyes of technology. The three-section honeycomb grille under the license plate frame and the more abstract front bumper provide perfect heat dissipation while looking more dynamic.

The slender body outlined by lines fully displays the elegant and grand side face. The longer front and the smoothly transitioned A-pillar reflect the exclusive temperament of a luxury car; the rapidly falling roof perfectly interprets the dynamic feeling of a fastback coupe. The outer edge of the window is blackened, which looks younger. The red trim on the front fender and the silver bright strip below give it a sense of "fluttering in the wind". The multi-spoke wheels reflect a stable performance. The length, width and height of the car are 5137*1904*1498mm, and the wheelbase is 3060mm, which is positioned as a medium-to-large sedan. The dignified and stable rear end looks unusually plump. The through-type taillight group is as dazzling as the "Forbidden City in Beijing" when it is lit. The four exhaust tailpipes on both sides further highlight the sporty elements.

Open the door, the 2024 Hongqi H9 perfectly combines luxury and dynamism through the excellent quilting process and carbon fiber texture trim on the center console. The floating dual screen not only provides delicate picture quality, but also presents a strong fashion element with a giant screen-like visual effect. The three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function electric steering wheel is dynamic. The exquisite electronic gear lever is more like a work of art, exquisite and exquisite. In terms of riding, since the model photographed this time is the executive version, the four-seat layout and soft and smooth fabrics not only bring a comfortable driving experience, but also provide perfect support for long distances through sufficient padding.

In terms of power, the 2024 Hongqi H9 adopts 3 power layouts; among them, the 1.8L inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine with model CA4GC18TD-32 has a maximum power of 165kW (224 horsepower); the 2.5L V-type six-cylinder turbocharged engine with model CA6GV25TD-01 has a maximum power of 223kW (303 horsepower); the 3.0L V-type six-cylinder turbocharged engine with model CA6GV30TD-05 has a maximum power of 248kW (337 horsepower); and will adopt rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.