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Arrizo 5 GT 2023 1.5T CVT cool Chery Car

Chery car

Arrizo 5 GT 2023 1.5T CVT cool Chery Car

Arrizo 5 GT is a compact car under Chery Automobile. It is favored by consumers for its high cost-effectiveness and excellent performance. Its exterior design is fashionable and sporty, with smooth overall lines and coordinated body proportions. It adopts Chery's family design language, with a large-sized air intake grille on the front face and a mesh design inside, which looks very domineering. The lines on the side of the body are simple and smooth, and the fastback shape creates a strong sense of sportiness. The design of the rear end is also very layered, with a dual exhaust layout on both sides, which further enhances the sporty atmosphere of the vehicle.

  • Maximum power(kW) 115
  • Maximum torque(N.m) 230
  • Engine 1.5T 156HPL4
  • Length*Width *Height(mm) 4710*1829*1490
  • Quality(kg) 1344
  • Number of Seats 5
  • Steering Left
  • Gearbox CVT continuously variable transmission (simulated 9 gears)
  • Time to market 2023.03
  • Maximum full load mass (kg) 1737
  • WLTC Comprehensive fuel(L/100km) 7.10
  • Energy Type Gasoline
  • Environmental standards Country VI
  • Rank Compact car
  • Electric Motor(Ps) 170

The appearance of the new Arrizo 5 GT incorporates many "X" elements, such as the X-shaped mesh trim in the front grille as a filler, and the matrix LED light source is used for lighting. It also provides automatic headlights and adjustable headlight height. The taillight group adopts the popular through-type design, and the interior of the lamp cavity is also smoked black. With the exhaust setting of four exhaust pipes on both sides of the rear surround, it looks quite combative.
Interior design
The interior of the vehicle continues the sporty style of the exterior, with straight lines as the main feature. At the same time, many bright design elements are incorporated into the details such as the gear lever area, seats and center console, creating a good sporty atmosphere. The car is equipped with dual 10.25-inch one-piece screens, which are equipped with the Lion Zhiyun interactive system, which supports natural voice recognition, mobile phone interconnection mapping, online services and remote control and other functions, and can normally meet the human-vehicle interaction needs of more than 95% of the scenarios.
The Arrizo 5GT 1.5T CVT Intelligent version is highly unique in the entire series, providing a complete L2 intelligent driving assistance system, including lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, lane centering, road traffic sign recognition, etc. At the same time, compared with other 1.5T models, the 1.5T CVT Intelligent version provides front-row mobile phone wireless charging, front seat heating, rear center armrest + cup holder, adaptive high and low beam, sensor wipers, automatic air conditioning, car air purifier, negative ion generator and other high-frequency use configurations, making it the most cost-effective model in the entire product line.